How to create a localhost server?

I’m working on HTML5 games for the time being. During that I came across a very basic issue. If you want to test your HTML5 game in your local system, well you can’t. At least not directly.

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Importing Terrain Heightmaps in Unity3D

Unity has a good terrain designer with lots of essential options. I wanted to create a forest terrain, so I was searching for the efficient ways of making a terrain and I incidentally found that we can import heightmaps of real locations and use it in a Unity terrain. It is not as efficient out of the box but it is a starting point. Here I will walk through the basic steps that I’ve also taken while learning it.

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Reset freenode account password

If you are like me who don’t visit the IRC clients that often and you have a registered nick in the IRC service, it is possible that you don’t remember the password while trying to login because it’s been more than 2 weeks since you last logged in and there are a gazillion passwords in your mind now! (I’ll write about my password manager journey and the solution I finally reached at a later time).

Luckily there’s something like “Forgot Password” in freenode too. Just pass in this command in your IRC client:

/msg nickserv sendpass <your account name>

For example:

/msg nickserv sendpass karmakeenu

Now, freenode will send a mail with a command to create a new password for this nick. Just type that in the client and you will have successfully reset your password. Now login to the registered nick:

/msg nickserv identify <nick> <new password>

Love Peace.

PotPlayer – a VLC replacement (for me anyway!)

In some forums, I’ve often read that VLC is not good for your hard disk. I don’t know the veracity of that claim but I was interested in searching for an alternative anyway.

And I did find one – PotPlayer. It is a simple, yet highly customizable media player. I’m not that much of a video guru but the one thing I can say is that the controls are really simple in this. I will say that it is much simpler and logical than VLC. I can use left and right keys to seek backwards and forwards, enter key to go fullscreen, space bar to pause. If you right click, there’s a ton of options where you can change the aspect ratio, subtitle, online subtitle searching, audio settings, 3D video settings and a hell of a lot more. Just check it out, I’m sure you’ll rethink about using VLC again.

You can download it from here:

Love Peace.

Google Play Services in LibGDX – Android

Past 2 weeks, I spent a lot of time trying to make Google Play Services library work in my LibGDX project. Even though the process is simple there are a few pit falls from which it might take some days to recover, like what happened to me. So I will outline the steps here to implement Google Play Services with minimum number of errors. (I’m not saying there won’t be any errors because LibGDX and Google updates stuff a lot)

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LibGDX Tutorial – Part 4

Importing the Project

As we have succesfully created a sample project using the LibGDX setup app, let’s start working on it. We’re going to import the project into IntelliJ Idea. You can also use Eclipse instead but the recommended tool is IntelliJ. You’re supposed to have properly setup the development environment before importing the project.

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Godot v2.1 Beta Released

The long awaited Godot v2.1 has been finally put to Beta testing.

Visit and download the beta version.

Godot is a fastly growing, feature-rich game engine that has in-built editor. I’ll someday post tutorials about this beautiful engine that swept me off my feet the day I used it. I had even developed a small project with this and I’ll post about it in the coming days. Right now I’m a bit busy with some LibGDX projects, not able to get in touch with the beta. I can’t wait to put my hands on the enhanced Godot.

Please note that this is a beta version and it may not be of production quality. You can try it out and report bugs if possible.