LibGDX Tutorial – Part 3

Creating your first project

Sorry for this delayed update. I got caught in a frenzy the past two weeks. Anyway let’s get on with our tutorials, shall we?

Alright! Now that you have set up all the required software to start making games using LibGDX, let’s continue by creating a new project and import it into IntelliJ IDEA.

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LibGDX Tutorial – Part 2

Environment Setup

To get your code running you need to properly configure your development tools. And that’s one rough road. But once you setup your environment correctly, the successive projects will be easy to deploy. In this part, I will explain how to properly setup your development environment.

Here are the prerequisites for working with LibGDX:

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LibGDX Tutorial – Part 1

LibGDX is a cross-platform game/application development framework. The codes are written in Java. Since it is Java based, it can be run in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You can deploy the final application in Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, Blackberry, iOS, and HTML5. LibGdx development environment is really simple and since it is not a game engine per se, the applications developed are really light weight as well. That is the biggest advantage of LibGDX over others when you want to make simple 2D games.

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#NoobTips Pseudo Update method using Coroutines

You know what an Update method does. It loops indefinitely after the Start method is called. But sometimes we want some code to loop for a fixed amount of time. After that it should stop looping. Or may be we don’t want something to run every frame, but intermittently. So there’s a need for another update-like method. Here comes the power of coroutines. Coroutines are like methods that has the ability to pause-and-resume. Please google about it and learn to use it in different situations. It will help you a lot.

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National Games 2015, Kerala

I hail from a place where every event is yet another frenzy! And to there comes the most important sporting event of the country – the National Games. We developed an application for the games in Android that shares this excitement. Presenting to you,

National Games Torch Relay

It is the virtual torch of this year’s National Games. Inflame it and share it with your friends. Pass on the torch and let it burn till the official torch of the games is burnt at the event.

This application is also developed in Unity. Although the workload of creating such an application is very low when an engine like Unity is used, it still has its cons. Unity is not suited for supposed-to-be-small-sized applications like this. Just some images, animations and buttons took 18MB. But I have to tell you that it is developed in free Unity and the fact that I’m still learning to reduce build size, I’m hoping it is forgivable. 😉

Love Peace.

My first published game

It has been extremely wonderful time developing a game on my own with this beautiful engine. Finally one has been published. 0:)

The game is Little Superman which is based on a Malayalam movie of the same name. It is a 2D platformer game in which the user has to control the little superman and keep him from falling down or hitting the birds. The game has Facebook integration, in which users can share scores through their Facebook account and get into Leaderboards.

Android users can download the game here and Windows Phone users here.

It will be released in iTunes store very soon.

Love Peace.