Axis Entertainment Limited (September 2017 – Present)

Designation: Unity Game Developer

Axis Entertainment Limited is a Navi Mumbai, India based gaming studio creating original casual games for a global audience of gamers with a specific focus on creating games which impart learning and also having fun.

Igloo Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (January 2014 – August 2017)

Designation: Game Developer

Igloo Innovations provides complete, end-to-end amenities for mobile application development on all key platforms including Apple’s iOS, RIM’s Blackberry, Google’s Android as well as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.


Vidya – Learn Malayalam (July 2017):

It is an educational app which familiarizes kids and non-native speakers with Malayalam – a language in Southern India, published by a reputed media company. Using this app, users can learn the alphabets by writing them, hearing its pronunciation and seeing the letter usages.

They can also learn some common words and Malayalam digits. To practice the letters and words, users can play 2 games in this app which have Google Play Leaderboard/iOS Game Center implemented. Finally, they can read about the culture and history of the land of Kerala in Malayalam. We integrated a Music Player in this app for listening to a bunch of folk songs and poems.

This app was entirely developed using LibGDX. Google Analytics and DFP are integrated in this. It is available in Android and iOS platforms.

Platform: Android, iOS

Role in the project: Game Programmer

Hand Cricket – Odd or Even (March 2016):

Hand Cricket is a type of cricket played using hand gestures. It is played as two teams and the team who scores the most runs wins. There is a Single player and Multiplayer mode in this. We implemented a very low level AI for the single player mode which will react according to the situation rather than randomly generating runs. In multiplayer mode, players can compete with each other over the internet in real-time.
The game was entirely developed using LibGDX which uses Java as core language. The
multiplayer mode was implemented using a cloud API which was integrated into LibGDX. There was player registration screen and a profile screen where player statistics are displayed. We also implemented Google Play Leaderboards and Achievements in this to engage the players.

The game is currently available in Android and we’re working on to release the iOS version as early as possible.

Platform: Android

Role in the project: Game Programmer

Run Ammu Run (February 2015):

Run Ammu Run, published by Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd., is an infinite runner 2D platformer game developed for the promotion of National Games of India 2015. The game consists of the main character Ammu, the games mascot, running carrying the games torch. The players can collect the gold, silver and bronze medals spread across the track but by avoiding obstacles like pits, hurdles, footballs etc. Google Play Leaderboard is integrated into the game and also a custom Leaderboard as part of a competition. The players can share their scores and challenge their friends via social media, SMS, email etc. The game was developed using Unity3D game engine.

Platform: Android

Role in the project: Game Programmer

National Games Torch Relay (December 2014):

National Games Torch Relay is the Official Android virtual torch application of the National Games of India 2015. The app consists of a virtual torch which can be ignited. Once ignited, users can share it with their friends in all the available sharing media viz., SMS, Email, Social Networking platforms etc. The app was intended to gain publicity of the National Games by sharing the torch virtually across all the people in the country before the real torch burns at the inauguration ceremony. The app was developed using Unity3D game engine.

Platform: Android

Role in the project: Game Programmer

Little Superman (August 2014):

Little Superman is the official game of the Malayalam movie “Little Superman 3D” directed by Vinayan. It is an infinite flying game. In the game, the player controls Little Superman, the protagonist, and helps him get past all the birds flying to hurt him and collect the coins spread across the sky. We integrated Facebook login, sharing of scores across Facebook and Leaderboard (using cloud APIs) in this game. The game was developed using Unity3D game engine. It is available in Android and Windows Phone stores.

Platform: Android, Windows Phone, iOS (under development)

Role in the project: Game Programmer

Technical Skills

Game Engines: LibGDX, Unity3D, Animate CC, Godot

Programming Languages: Java, C#, JavaScript, GDScript, C, C++, Python

Design Software: Blender, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP

Office Suite Software: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel

Development Environments: Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Other Training Courses

  • 4 month course on Core Java and J2EE at Pearson Education Centre (Tandem), Trivandrum.
  • 3 days workshop on “C Programming on Linux” at Sai Infovis Technologies, Trivandrum.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Participated in the “International Conference on Signal Processing, Communication, Computing and Networking Technologies” (ICSCCN) held during 21-22nd July 2011 conducted by IEEE.
  • Attended the workshop on “Future Embedded Systems and its Applications” organized by the IEEE student branch of NI Centre for Higher Education on 31st July 2012.