Reset freenode account password

If you are like me who don’t visit the IRC clients that often and you have a registered nick in the IRC service, it is possible that you don’t remember the password while trying to login because it’s been more than 2 weeks since you last logged in and there are a gazillion passwords in your mind now! (I’ll write about my password manager journey and the solution I finally reached at a later time).

Luckily there’s something like “Forgot Password” in freenode too. Just pass in this command in your IRC client:

/msg nickserv sendpass <your account name>

For example:

/msg nickserv sendpass karmakeenu

Now, freenode will send a mail with a command to create a new password for this nick. Just type that in the client and you will have successfully reset your password. Now login to the registered nick:

/msg nickserv identify <nick> <new password>

Love Peace.